Barn Close Pre-School

We have an extensive range of resources to ensure that the children are provided with a varied selection of activities and toys throughout each session. We provide resources that are appropriate to each child's age and ability. Each session follows the same routine; this helps the children to settle and builds confidence, as they always know what is going to happen next.


We start each session with registration - we all sit together, take the register and talk about the date and weather.


This is followed by free play - the children choose from the wide selection of resources and activities. The activities may include; sand and water play, small world play, construction, home corner, role play, brio, jigsaws, paint and dressing up. The children then help with tidy-up time.


We sit together on the large mat for Circle Time - we share news, talk about the weeks topic and sing songs/action rhymes, play instruments or play games.


Rolling Snack - children can choose to have a snack at any time between 10.15 and 11.00. The snacks include fresh fruit, savoury biscuits, pitta bread, raisins, cheese dip, sandwiches (made by the children) and milk or water to drink.


At Play Time the children can play with tricycles, scooters, buggies, climbing frame, slide, balls, trampoline and other large equipment.


The children settle down for Story Time on the large mat before it is time to go home.